sharable2_OCC17_Dec0116_ENGWelcome. You found me. I’m Janel and I’m new. Yes, my husband runs my blog and site for me, but that allows me to be creative. I am a Stampin’ Up consultant, but more than this, I’m a paper-crafter. I love paper and crafts and stamps, dies, die-cuts, punches, blings, and all that stuff. I love to create things for my friends, family and for YOU! So, if you are in the market for paper crafts, for weddings, anniversaries, parties, summer soires, baby announcements, first communions and more, contact me. Let’s make something together. Want to earn free product? Call me so we can put together a catalog show, in home show (locally) or online show.

I want to help you with your next creative paper craft project. Contact me.


Published by

Anthony Cooper

A father to an incredible son. A husband to an outstanding wife. A beloved owner to a cool Duck Troller - Lab mix. Son to a great father and mother. Brother to a cool kid brother. Friend. Co Worker. College Buddy. Best Friend. Cousin. Uncle. Nephew. Grandson. Son-in-Law, Brother-in-Law. And, most important: I am a child of the ONE TRUE God.

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